EventCAT for Zoom Globalizes Your Video Conferencing Experience

Unlock the power of global collaboration and comprehension with EventCAT.

Experiencing real-time translation with the XL8 Zoom App

Powered by XL8's state-of-the-art AI machine translation technology optimized for colloquial speech, EventCAT ensures seamless and accurate translations during Zoom meetings.

EventCAT for Zoom is the ultimate solution for any size company looking to improve communication and productivity with their global customers, outsourced partners, and multilingual employees.


EventCAT for Zoom Highlights

  • Real-time Speech-to-Text

    Real-time Speech-to-Text

    Convert spoken words and phrases instantly during Zoom meetings, eliminating the need for extensive note-taking and ensuring no important details are missed.

  • Ultra-low Latency

    Ultra-low Latency

    Enjoy seamless communication with the fastest real-time translation service available to Zoom users.

  • Simultaneous Multilingual Support

    Simultaneous Multilingual Support

    EventCAT allows all participants to easily speak and view in their preferred language, and the ability to switch languages during the meeting.

  • Over 20 Supported Languages

    Over 20 Supported Languages

    XL8 EventCAT for Zoom engines cover over 25 frequently requested languages.

  • Instant Error Correction

    Instant Error Correction

    EventCAT for Zoom quickly identifies and rectifies translation errors to ensure accurate communication, maintaining smooth and effective meetings and transcripts.

Downloading the XL8 Zoom App

Getting Started

Downloading the XL8 Zoom App

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EventCAT for Zoom is now available for free!

Available for free!
  • 40 minutes per session
  • 3 Languages simultaneously
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The Eventcat for on Zoom is presently in its beta phase. While the service is currently available free of charge, it will be subject to future pricing. If you intend to utilize the service for commercial purposes or large-scale seminars, we kindly request that you reach out to our specialized team for further assistance and guidance.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download EventCAT for Zoom

How to Download EventCAT for Zoom

How to get started as a Host

How to get started as a Participants

Supported Languages

How to ensure customers' security

How can I translate my language to other languages?

Security Policies

The XL8 Zoom application has undergone comprehensive evaluation and approval by Zoom's internal Marketplace team. The meeting data of app users strictly adheres to Zoom's security protocols. See more about 'Zoom Security Review Process for Applications on App Marketplace' Here..

Privacy Statement

The XL8 Zoom App is covered by the Zoom privacy statement. Please refer to the links below. Learn more

The XL8 Zoom App revolutionizes multi-language collaboration on the Zoom platform, empowering users with efficient language translation capabilities. If you have any further inquiries beyond the provided details, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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